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Cape Fear Valley Scottish Clans Study in Scotland Scholarship Program


There are few colleges or universities that do not recognize the value of a semester abroad as part of their four year undergraduate curriculum, either as part of one's major or another area of interest. They are usually undertaken during the student's junior year (allowing time to prepare academically) but can also take place earlier or even as a post graduate semester.  They are often done as part of an exchange program but can also be facilitated via a direct or independent placement.


Many US schools have affiliation programs with schools in Scotland.  In North Carolina these include the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with the University of Edinburgh (, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with the University of Sterling ( and East Carolina University with The University of Strathclyde (Glasgow)  (,  An affiliation with a particular school, however, is not necessary.  One of the most interesting is the University of the Highlands and Islands ( with thirteen campuses spread across the upper half of Scotland (keep in mind, however, that Scotland is about the same size in both land mass and population as South Carolina).


In support of our mission statement the Cape Fear Valley Scottish Clans has established a scholarship fund to assist students who would like to study in Scotland for a semester.  In addition to financial support, we can also help with insight and advice gained from research and experience. Our goal is to develop a resource of area--based Scotland centric scholars. To help accomplish this each student will be expected to take at least one unit of relevant study (history, literature, culture, etc.) while in Scotland.  The student will also prepare a research project or paper, the topic to be jointly determined by the student and the CFVSC scholarship committee.

 If you think you might be interested:

1.  Start your planning as soon as possible. Your senior year in high school is not too early, especially if your major should make it difficult to study abroad during your last two years. If you are already on campus check in with your school's international/study abroad department or your academic advisor as soon as possible.


2.  Review the basic eligibility requirements found on page one of the Application (link to application form).  Note:  This application is only for financial assistance from the CFVSC and is not part of a formal application process or shared with other organizations or schools.


3.   Contact us as soon as you think studying in Scotland is something you might want to consider (contact information can be found on page two of the application (link to application).  Although it is not necessary to first submit an application before contacting the CFVSC it should help to speed the process. CFVSC is quite supportive of your interest to study in Scotland, and will assist in any way we can, however, please keep in mind that your home institution will be your primary facilitator.



If you would like to help/contribute:


1.  Help us identify interested and qualified candidates.  This process can start as early as high school. Please see the basic eligibility requirements to help make this determination (link to application form).  You may submit their names and contact information (see link to application) or they can make the contact.


2.  Make a contribution to our fund.  Please submit a check, payable to CFVScots Scholarship Fund, and mail to:


            Treasurer, Cape Fear Valley Scottish Clans

          1044 Seven Lakes North

          West End, NC  27376

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